Two cases of the abortion strain of equine herpesvirus (EHV-1), one in Dufferin County and the other in the Regional Municipality of York, were reported on March 9th, according to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

In the first case, a Thoroughbred mare at a boarding facility in Dufferin County in her 10th month of pregnancy began showing clinical signs on Feb. 27th and aborted her foal. The facility manager has placed the farm under voluntary movement restrictions for 21 days and staff have implemented heightened biosecurity protocols with veterinary supervision.

In the second case at a private facility in York Region, a Thoroughbred mare began showing clinical symptoms on March 1st and gave birth to a stillborn foal on the 4th. The farm manager has isolated the mare and implemented a voluntary 21-day movement restriction. Heightened biosecurity measures are in place and under the supervision of the farm veterinarian.

Both animals had been vaccinated against EHV and are recovering.

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