You don’t have to be a human to be a social media influencer or to go viral. Cats and dogs have dominated TikTok and Instagram, garnering millions of views and followers for adorable and funny videos.

Now meet one of TikTok’s most famous equines: Twinkle, a horse who could be called Twinkle Toes given his penchant for dancing. The 17-year-old horse lives in Scotland and is owned by equestrian Eirinn Reid, 22. So far, the duo has garnered over 31 million views and over five million likes for his viral dance videos. Twinkle’s signature moves include twisting his neck to give side-eye and rubbing his butt in rhythm.

“We’ve never met any other horse like him, and I doubt we will ever find another like him,” Reid told Fox News and The New York Post.  “Twinkle’s the type that forgets he’s a pony and would rather spend the day being in human company than doing horse things.”

Watch Twinkle in action here:



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