The organizers of The Mane Event, Ron and Gail Barker, are raising funds on behalf of the selfless volunteers who have been transporting livestock away from the wildfires in B.C., at their own expense.

“The Mane Event would like to thank the individuals and companies that are helping the people and animals in need during this trying time with the wildfires going on in B.C.,” said Ron Barker.

“The Mane Event will be donating to help those transporting livestock to safety. These people are paying their own fuel bills, but it is now taken a toll on them and many of them can’t afford to do it much longer, as they are running out of cash to buy fuel to help people in need.”

The Mane Event is requesting donations of $10 and up – anything people can afford to help those in need. Email or call 844-578-7518 (ext #103 ask for Nicole) to pay by credit card, or send e-transfer to