The Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers, a not-for-profit riding school and drill team, announced on May 20th that their barn was under quarantine due to a Strangles outbreak.

In a May 27th Facebook post the group announced they had started a GoFundMe campaign to help recoup lost revenue due to the suspension of their riding programs, in order to sustain their organization and continue to care for their horses.

The said: “As many of you know, we have placed our stable under quarantine due to a strangles outbreak. This quarantine will have to stay in effect for the month of June, and possibly longer. We are very touched by the outpouring of support that has been shown to us by the public and fellow equestrians.

“All of our horses are comfortable and being very well cared for by diligent staff. We know we are doing the right thing for the health of our horses and the rest of the N.S. equestrian community. Sadly, there are times when doing the right thing comes at a cost. This could jeopardize our organization.

“Suspending our operations means that we won’t be able to rely on programming fees to sustain our non-profit organization during our quarantine. We have decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to help us cover our expenses and lost revenue. Please consider giving to the campaign, but if you are unable to contribute funds we hope you will at least share the page.

“To anyone:
who has learned to ride because of Lancers,
who has become a better person through Lancers,
who has enjoyed one of our Musical Ride performances,
who finds some joy in watching the horses playing in the paddock on their way to work,
who has come through our doors for a tour,
whose child has had a pony ride at our open house,
who stops to watch our lessons,
who hopes to have a child ride at Lancers in the future,
who never had to worry about where their teenagers were because they were always at Lancers,
who competes with our horses at horse shows,
who has experienced the potentially devastating effects of a strangles outbreak in their barn,
whose life has been forever changed by a horse,
who believes in what we do,

“We implore you to consider donating to help the horses of Halifax. These horses touch the lives of so many in our city and beyond. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any amount you are willing to contribute.”