We don’t hear about horse thieves very often these days, and more often than not the missing horse is usually discovered having wandered off rather than being stolen. Not so for one horse in the American Southwest.

According to a news report in New Mexico, a woman went to great lengths to disguise a dun horse she stole from a neighbor’s property. Livestock inspectors appear to catch up with the woman, Alyssa Nelson, at a gas station after someone recognized the missing horse and alerted its owners. In the video Nelson threatens the agents that once they’re proven wrong, “it’s going to be bad.”

At first the agents are fooled by the suspect stating that the horse in question has four black socks, not the one white sock that the reported stolen horse was said to have. The owners suggest that Nelson dyed the white leg to fool them and also cut the horse’s mane.

Nelson was unable to show any vet records or photos to prove she owned the horse, although she did try to pass off a forged bill of sale.

The livestock agents took the horse and washed its legs – despite Nelson warning the agents the animal is terrified of water and might become dangerous. However, while not seen clearly on the video below, the agents confirm that the horse did in fact have a dyed leg. Nelson is quickly handcuffed and the cute dun horse is returned to his rightful owners. Nelson is charged with horse theft and also forgery.