According to the British press, including The Racing Post, the late Queen Elizabeth II’s string of Thoroughbred racehorses have become joint property of both King Charles III and the Queen Consort. The Queen Consort – Camilla to you and me – has been a lifelong equestrian and is also the patron of horse-related charities like the Brooke which advocates on behalf of working horses and donkeys around the world.

According to other press reports, including the society magazine Tatler,  the King doesn’t share quite the same level of passion for horseracing that his mother had. Perhaps because of this, and to appease a British public who are questioning the relevance of the monarchy, he has made it known that he intends to scale back the current stable from its 50 or so animals. The Royal stables operates at a loss of approximately £1 million loss ($1.6m CAD).

But with the Queen Consort at the helm, the horses will be in good, loving hands.