An Oklahoma woman was thrilled to see her ponies make their Hollywood debut in Killers of the Flower Moon. Suzanne Stowe, from Sand Springs in Osage County, told a news outlet that the production company of the critically-acclaimed Martin Scorsese film reached out in 2021 asking about her animals. Stowe and her husband Jonathan run Pony Tails Parties, a business that provides ponies for rides, parties, photo shoots, and other local events. They were only too happy to oblige the filmmaker and provide five of their well-trained, gentle ponies.

Ponies on a movie set.

The ponies on set.

The epic film documents the brutal true story about the savage killings of the Osage nation during Oklahoma’s Reign of Terror where dozens of Native Americans were murdered by whites for their oil lands. According to Stowe, five of her ponies made the final cut of the movie n a scene with Robert DeNiro, telling NewsChannel 8  that they appear, “About two, two and a half hours into the movie, their scene with the ballet and the pony rides, and giving the ponies away comes up.”

On her Instagram page, Stowe remarked, “Everyone was so so nice and loved the ponies. I got to meet so many amazing people from producers, to makeup artists, to costume creators and a few famous people. One of the producers had his family in town and the kids rode the ponies several times between scenes. My favorite was getting to meet Martin Scorsese and having him pet the ponies several times. His favorite was Stormy.”