The Equine Disease Communication Center reports that two mares have died from the neurological form of Equine Herpesvirus in Manibota.

On November 8, 2019, a seven-year-old Quarter Horse mare in the Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth, MB died less than 24 hours after acute onset of recumbency and inability to rise.

On November 11th, a 13-year-old pregnant Quarter Horse mare was euthanized on the same location due to advancing severity of neurological signs (first noticed on November 10th) and was later confirmed positive by PCR for EHV-1.

The mares were stabled with 38 other horses, and a total of 86 horses of various ages and genders are on site. The affected mares were vaccinated for the prevention of EHV-1 abortion approximately one week prior to onset of clinical signs and were approximately five months along in gestation.
As of November 21st, no new cases/symptoms have been reported on the site. A voluntary quarantine is in place, and to date there is no indication that EHM has spread from the affected premises.