In March, the story of Lily, an emaciated senior horse who had been dumped at an auction in New Holland, Pennsylvania covered in paint splotches, made the rounds on social media. People were horrified by the state of the mare that had clearly been long neglected and, it is believed, shot more than 100 times at close range with a paintball gun.

Lily is back in the news now, as she has found a forever home and guardian angel in former Daily Show host, Jon Stewart. Stewart and his wife, Tracey McShane, a former veterinary technician and animal advocate, have decided to adopt Lily and bring her home to their animal sanctuary in New Jersey.

After the approximately 20-year-old mare was discovered abandoned at the auction, she was taken in by the Lancaster County SPCA, who oversaw her care and rehabilitation, including the removal of a badly damaged eye.

Surveillance video helped police identify the man who dropped Lily off at the auction. Philip Price Jr., 65, of East Providence, Rhode Island, was charged with three counts of animal cruelty, a single count of dealing and handling animals without a license and a single count of importing animals without an interstate health certificate. He was convicted on all charges and ordered to $3,056 in fines and $10,178 towards Lily’s care.

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