Sadly, after a long battle against cancer, Marc-André Blouin, age 55, of Brantford, Ontario, Equine Technical Services Manager for Agribrands Purina Canada, passed away peacefully at his home on September 27th surrounded by his loved ones and in his wife Belinda’s arms.

Randy Johnson of Agribrands Purina said, “Marc-André has touched so many lives and so many people. His co-workers through his beloved Purina Canada will be eternally grateful for his involvement with Purina/Cargill. During his life, Marc-André shared his knowledge and expertise wholeheartedly and with great generosity, always with the well-being of horses in mind.

“In the last year, despite his absence, he continued to be a source of inspiration and motivation for the retail team and we will continue to honor his memory on a daily basis with our work and the passion we shared with him.”

“Marc’s love and knowledge of horses was without bounds or distances,” said Ben Robichaud of Truro N.S.. who works at Clarence Farm Services Ltd., Maritime Purina feed location. “I was deeply saddened to hear of Marc’s passing. We are all better for having known him. He was so fortune to have been able to work in a field that was truly his passion, it is a huge loss for the industry and his friends and family.”

Barb Booth, co-worker of Marc’s for many years, now residing in Florida said, “I worked with Marc at Purina and became friends with Marc and Belinda. Marc had so much passion for Belinda, his family and of course, horses. He was infectious with his passion and knowledge [of horses] and you could not leave a discussion with him without being more enlightened and excited.”

My personal memories of Marc-Andre are many and wonderful. He was a gifted horseman and mentor. Marc always supported his consultants and clients’ learning. As the Atlantic Purina Equine consultant, Marc-André was constantly teaching and sharing horse stories and experiences with me. He traveled to speak in the Maritimes through blizzards and road closures. The welfare of the horses was always top of mind. He created new standards in the Canadian equine feed industry creating Trimax and Equilizer to name just a few. He could speak to huge audiences with eloquence or help one on one by phone or stable call. He loved his job and also loved to chuckle at the Maritime hay analysis’ I would send him.

Marc-André and Belinda ran Binmar Stables for many years. They raced at Woodbine and Fort Erie and trained and kept horses on the farm with the utmost care and passion.

Belinda said, “Marc-André was a genuine and true horseman in every sense. He loved them, cared for them, often slept in the stall with them, especially Roger and Pumpkin!

“He was not only an equine nutritionist, but learned how to trim their feet, was an equine dentist, and almost a vet with all the years of experience he had working for a vet years ago. He could train, ride and handle horses better than anyone and especially the difficult and troubled horses. He just had this calm and fearless connection with them that I think was a gift.

“Always thinking outside the box – there was no box, anything was possible. He really believed that we could change the status quo, not loudly, just quietly, by showing that different ways of doing things were possible for the betterment of the horse. He was driven by a powerful compassion to do what’s right for the horses’ well-being. Everything he did in his life was with absolute passion, focus and dedication, and it was sometimes hard to keep up! We are all going to miss him terribly and I hope I will be able to carry on some of his dreams in the years ahead.”

Belinda is working with Agribrands Purina to plan a celebration of life in the coming weeks. She passes on a thank you to all who shared their support and concern.