Alberta-based writer Amber Zierath is set to have her first novel published on January 26. Based on the true events of Zierath’s daughter horse, Horse Karma follows the palomino Karma through its life as it passes through various people’s hands, and an accident that changes everything, before finally ending up meeting Kiyomi, the 13-year-old girl who sees something in the horse no one else does.

Zierath writes her book from the point of view of the horse, depicting the unbreakable bond between human and animal. This unique perspective is what Zierath is known for, writing a monthly fiction story for Chatter in the Woods, an online newsletter that serves the Redwood Meadows community in Alberta. Her columns always take the point of view of an animal living in the Canadian wilderness.

Horse Karma is available at Amazon here  and at your local bookstore.