The Canadian Horse Wellness Expo is held each November during Farmfair International, and features a number of speakers on a wide range of topics of interest to horse owners, breeders and professionals

The Helmet of the Future! – Back on Track and Tobi Simms

Back on Track is a Swedish company that creates Far Infrared textiles for horses, people and their dogs to help with chronic pain and daily performance. Back on Track is passionate about helping those in pain, and bringing to market unique and effective products for better health, wellness and head safety. Back on Track launched the first equestrian riding helmet with MIPS (Multi Directional Impact Protection System) in 2018, and have been passionate about educating riders about head injuries.

A Great Saddle Fit Makes for Effective and Comfortable Horses – Commonwealth Saddles and Rose Schwinghamer

Comfortable horses last longer, and we all want of our partners to have long & happy careers. In this seminar we will examine the basics of saddle fitting and what we can do to ensure our equine partners are comfortable and effective while in the ring. We will also examine key points that you can use to check your own saddles at home, and employ while searching for new saddles. Join us to gain a wealth of knowledge around saddle fit for you and your horse – we guarantee you’ll feel comfortable and confident in your saddle decisions going forward!

Finding and Connecting With that “Special” Horse – Ron Anderson

This presentation will deal with how to find that “Special” horse. Ron will educate you on aspects of looking for a new horse, what traits are desirable, what traits and behaviors that you can live with, and in the end of your journey, a horse that will become a lifelong companion!

Ron Anderson is a livelong professional horseman. He has been involved in showing, training, judging and coaching for near half a century.

Maximizing Your Horse’s Full Potential Through Whole Body Massage – Vitality Equine and Brigette Meyer

For Vitality Equine, whole body massage is an integral part to the well-being of a horse. Vitality Equine brings an anatomic based therapy to ensure performance enhancement, injury prevention and an overall improvement in disposition. Horse-owners will find that a tension and stress-free horse, that is provided regular massage, is a much more willing and eager to please partner.
At Vitality Equine, our focus is on….

1. Assisting in Injury Prevention
2. Improving Disposition
3. Providing Comfort to Injured Muscles

By working in conjunction or with the approval from a vet, massage is proven to show many benefits for equine muscle function. Although bodywork is not a substitute for proper veterinary attention, it is a key component in the holistic well-being of your equine partner.

Find Your Calling with the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association CanTRA

The Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) is a registered charity that promotes challenge, achievement and empowerment for children and adults with disabilities through the use of the horse. CanTRA also provides education and instructor certification.

There are now 80 plus member centers across Canada providing high quality therapeutic, recreation, life skills and sport programs. CanTRA is a member of Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI) and is recognized as the only governing body for therapeutic riding.

Clean Up and Restoration of All Things on the Farm – WideOpenSpaces and Michelle Wright

If you live on a farm, you’ve got lots of “stuff ” and animals that you do not know what to do with. This presentation is more than just how to purge, it’s about our relationship with our animals and stuff, ours and inter generational stuff. It’s also light hearted, because our things might be wearing us down, so it’s good to have a laugh or two about it!

Michelle has been helping folks deal with their collections for several years, hopefully some of their stories will help you on your journey to clear out, clean up and calm down.

Why Did My Horse Do That? – Muffy Knox

Lets take a look at some of the common reactions of horses and how we as handlers or riders influence what happens next.

Muffy Knox is an equine educator with a lifelong involvement with horses. Her resume includes coaching 4-H members and instructors, teaching at Olds College, presenter for HIAA’s Horses 101 and 201 and weekly Calgary Stampede School presentations. She has been involved with the Alberta Paint Horse Club since its inception. She is still training a few horse and coaching anyone who wants to learn (from the recreation level to those aspiring to the show pen). Muffy was named Western Horse Review’s “Horse Person of the Year”.

Come join us at Northlands Expo Centre for two days of Education for both Horse and Rider!

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