Equine Information Source is a team working on COVID-19 related projects to support the Canadian horse community as we weather this pandemic. This team, comprised of Caleigh Copelin, Amanda St-Onge and Elizabeth Crouchman, students from the University of Guelph, Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) degree program, majoring in Equine Management is working with Dr. Katrina Merkies to provide helpful information for horse communities across Canada.

Equine Information Source has been busy creating video and interview content on a wide variety of topics. Watch our short video on how COVID-19 could be transmitted throughout the barn by following the morning routine of a barn worker. Find out how to stay safe at the barn when you are going up to see your horse. Julia Alebrand and Mackenzie Jay from Schleese Saddlery Service provide helpful advice on how to tell if your saddle is fitting properly as well as how often you should get your saddle fitted. Peter Ayranto, a certified Journeyman Farrier, talks about farrier care in the time of COVID-19.

Constance Dagnon and Julia McCormick, who have both worked as Analysts with TD Agriculture Services, discuss different funding and loan opportunities available for equine businesses. Listen to our public interest pieces including an interview with Ashley Shaddock and Kate Lloyd from Shaddocks Paddocks on the riding clinic they hosted to raise funds for the For the Herd campaign, as well as an interview with Susan Jamieson and Suzanne Miller who are working with Red Scarf Equestrian, raising funds through sale of the MASCARA scarf and collecting donations for the Hands to Hooves Campaign: Equine Fund for Covid-19 Relief.

These are just a few of the interviews that have been conducted and there are more to come! Subscribe the BBRM Equine Management YouTube channel to view all our videos.

For more information, contact Dr Katrina Merkies, [email protected]