New Yorkers got an eyeful recently when a NYPD mounted officer and his horse galloped after a robbery suspect in Times Square. According to a local NBC news affiliate  the suspect was accused of allegedly stealing sunglasses from a street vendor and brandishing broken glass as a weapon.

The officer’s body cam footage is without sound, but we get the thrill of the chase as the suspect takes off on foot after being confronted. The officer and his horse are seen trotting then cantering down the street as oncoming cars stop and wait. The body cam footage appears to show the horse advancing as it trots over subway grates and onto the pavement before a clear path opens up and his rider moves his mount into a canter. Eventually the suspect is stopped by two officers on foot. But it’s definitely a win for the mounted officer and his steed. The suspect was charged with robbery, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon. Watch the video below: