Almost one year after Ukraine was invaded, the work is ongoing to support the many equines who have been affected.

The EEF has worked in partnership with the FNRS (Dutch Federation of Professional Equestrian Centres) and their director Haike Blaauw, to allow feed, hay and financial donations to be made to affected regions across Ukraine.

In total, 30 tonnes of horse feed and hay have been distributed to regions across Ukraine. The situation is still incredibly difficult with power shortages across the country, varying road conditions and lengthy procedures to complete paperwork considerably affecting the ability to bring aid to those in need. Working with contacts in Ukraine, distribution plans using local companies were created and this week 20 tonnes of hay were sent to Nikolaev, an area in the South of Ukraine very close to the front with many horses situated. Additional centres also in the South of the country received 3 tonnes of feed and will additionally share this with horses situated nearby in Kherson. Dnepr and Sumy both received 3 tonnes to distribute. The regions were identified due to their proximity to active fighting, which has consequently left them with little resources while caring for increased numbers of equines.

A rehabilitation centre in Kropivnitsky was also sent feed to support the animals based there. The centre works with the local hospital to provide hippotherapy for soldiers and orphaned children and the delivery of feed relieves pressure on resources to allow their work to continue. In Odesa, an area that has been severally affected and suffers great issues with electricity, 1000 euros has been donated to help towards buying fuel for generators to power the stables. Similar donations will be made to clubs in Kyiv to allow generators to continue running while the electricity remains highly unstable.

Haike Blaauw, president of the FNRS said “For the FNRS it was clear from day one that we wanted to help our colleagues in Ukraine. Horses should, as civilians, not suffer from a war which they did not choose for. If we would be in the same situation, we would also be very grateful if someone else would be willing to help. With the donations from our members and many individuals, we were able to raise funds and with the great assistance of the EEF we are pleased to see that the donations have been well spent in Ukraine.”

The EEF will continue to work closely with our partners and contacts in Ukraine to monitor the situation and provide assistance wherever possible.