So my lovely older guy decided that he would not/could not eat any of the big jug of fish oil I’d bought him (but luckily I was able to give it to another horse in the barn and now HE has the lovely coat). Instead, I did wind up buying him an omega-3 supplement. I searched long and hard until I found one that actually included and listed DHA and EPA on the label. His coat is quite nice now (though he has a little rain rot at the moment), but I’m sure it would be better with the straight up stuff. I also found him a good joint supplement that contains 10 grams of glucosamine, 5 grams of MSM and 1.2 grams of chondroitin sulfate. He seems to be moving well but we did also get his hocks injected last month.

The pasture is growing some grass, as well as buttercups (sigh), and now that the horses are only on evening turn out (due to the North Carolina summer heat) they seem to have a little more to eat when they are out there. He still isn’t eating hay, but goes to town on his hay extender. I still need to look into getting him some hay cubes – but he keeps his weight well, has good energy and his poop is good – so again, I hate to mess with something if it is working.

We are cleaning up in our local shows in the long stirrup division and I’m having a blast with this lovely guy. 🙂