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US Federal Budget Leaves No Room for Horse Slaughter

United States Congress has brought the debate over the possible resumption of horse slaughter in the US to a halt, revealing that federal funding for plant inspections is not included in the Fiscal Year 2014 budget. The $1.1 trillion budget…

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Horse Slaughter Set to Resume in the US

A decision made on December 13th, by a US federal appeals court, could see horse slaughter resume in the US within weeks. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado has lifted a temporary injunction, which was issued…

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US Federal Court Issues Injunction to Prevent Horse Slaughter Inspections

A US federal appeals court issued a temporary injunction on November 4th preventing the US Department of Agriculture(USDA) from conducting inspections at would be horse slaughter facilities in New Mexico, Iowa and Missouri. The decision was made by the 10th…

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