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The Swedish insurance company Folksam conducted a comprehensive study of 15 equestrian helmets, which revealed that most don't offer adequate side impact protection.

15 Helmets Tested Reveal Poor Side Impact Protection

Recent testing reveals that many brands of equestrian helmets do not protect riders as well as they could. A Swedish insurance company, Folksam, has released surprising results from their testing of 15 equestrian helmets for adults and children – ranging…

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Equine Guelph Urges Riders to Plan A Head

Helmet head may be unflattering but is it worth risking vegetable brain? No matter what the riding discipline, wearing a helmet is one of the best ways to plan ahead to minimize the chance of a brain injury. Safety starts…

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FEI Launches Global Safety Helmet Campaign

The FEI has launched a global campaign to promote the use of protective headgear. The move comes two weeks before implementation of a new rule making the use of a properly fastened protective headgear mandatory while riding on the show…

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Helmets Mandatory for All at PBIEC

It is now mandatory for anyone on horseback at any time on the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center to wear a helmet. This includes competitors, grooms and exercise riders, during warm-up, riding around the facility and at awards ceremonies. United…

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Helmets Required for all Levels of Equine Canada Dressage Competition in 2012

Equine Canada and Dressage Canada are taking an industry-wide leadership role by requiring all dressage riders to wear helmets in competition. Commencing in 2012, a national rule change will require all riders to wear helmets for all levels of Equine…

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Canadian Eventing Committee Adopts New Protective Headgear Regulations

As a continuing initiative to improve the safety of the sport of eventing, the Canadian Eventing Committee has adopted new regulations regarding the use of protective headgear.  The intent of the rule modification is to require the use of protective…

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Important Announcement Regarding New Rule 4.0: Safety Headgear

Please note that Dressage Canada has decided to put in place new safety rules regarding headgear.  The Board has decided that riders at Fourth Level and below will be required to wear ASTM/SEI or BSI approved headgear at all times…

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New U.S. Helmet Rules for Eventing and Dressage

The United States Equestrian Federation’s board of directors has voted unanimously to approve two new rules mandating the use of helmets for eventing and dressage, at the recent USEF Annual Convention. Effective immediately in the U.S., everyone at nationally rated…

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