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More Bubbles

Zeloso has mastered bubble blowing with just the liquid presented to him. Kye, too. Zelador blows and blows and only wiggles the fluid! I help him out by creating and holding a bubble on the wand for him to blow….

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Zeloso on the Loose

It was 10:00 P.M., time for night check. I opened the barn door and sensed something warm, large and soft near me. There is a night light in the barn, to the right of the door, but two winter blankets…

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Winsong Bull

Here’s an email exchange between Ron and myself. Hi Winnie, I’m not sure if you met the resident Winsong Farm bull…he lives up in the loft of the upper barn. He’s a rather unorthodox type bull and certainly has some…

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Driving While Distracted

Last Monday, Sue came. Our agenda is: the education of Zelador. Three minutes before she arrived the work crew pulled up to the arena. Their job is to install solar panels on the arena roof. Talk about excellent timing… We…

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Unexpected Explosion

Saturday and Sunday and Monday something new popped up with Zelador. Zelador’s canter is getting so calm and soft and collected. He receives tons of praise and is very proud of this accomplishment. He’s probably thinking, “I could have done…

Horses in the City

CARD (Community Association for Riding for Disabled),  Liberty Horses and the Toronto Mounted Police invite you to be amazed and delighted by the intelligent and generous talents of our huge, co-operative animals. Equestrians, philanthropists, creative urban kids and inquisitive adults…

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