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The Joy of a Clicker Trained Horse

This week I’m posting a video of things that a lot of people don’t often associate with clicker training. They are not the cute tricks that most people associate horses and clicker work with. However, for those of you who…

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Spring Song’s Friend Cecelia

Monday Spring Song picked up the ringed toy, raised her head, held the toy and shook it. Wow!!!! I told her she was BRILLIANT and instantly ended her training session. This photos shows Spring Song (with white on her face)…

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Working with Overhead Distractions

Yesterday was a REALLY noisy day in the arena. I decided it would be a GREAT time to do liberty work. Darryl Rice was replacing the plastic on each side of the middle of the arena roof. There were many…

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Zelador Shows Spring Song How It’s Done

The following is a training diary from the past week. May 5 Monday before riding practiced walk, big walk, trot, walk, halt along the wall on lead, developing a soft, slow trot that won’t jar my neck or old bones….

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Spring Song at Liberty

Every time I play with Spring Song I am amazed at how cooperative she is, how quickly she understands things and how happy she is to play with me. I’ve never had such a receptive “pupil”. There are lessons in…

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Spring Song’s Training Update

Here’s a video of Spring Song (Holsteiner/Thoroughbred filly) born in 2011. She is my training project for the 2014 American Horsewoman’s Challenge (actually “North”American…). The training time runs from April 1, 2014 to the finals in Oklahoma City October 3-5….

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Spring Song Checks the Mail

Joe Boustead of Canterbury Outpost is our saddler. He came yesterday and checked the saddle fit on our horses then turned to finding a saddle that fits Spring Song, my American Horsewoman’s Challenge 2014 partner. Spring is a Holsteiner/Thoroughbred almost…

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Bring on the Challenge!

My entry video for the 2014 American Horsewoman’s Challenge is done! Whew! What a process! I’m so glad that I entered this competition BECAUSE I viewed lots of footage of me riding. I haven’t had myself filmed for years (except…

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Horsewoman’s Challenge Entry is Coming Together

Last week through to Monday we filmed task after task for the American Horsewoman Challenge. We could go on filming forever, hoping for that perfect footage. We had a few days of zero degrees or warmer and now we’re back…

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American Horsewoman’s Challenge Update

Regarding the American Horsewoman’s Challenge: we’re going to need a blooper’s section for our video application. Yesterday Zelador and I were working on quarter turns (on the haunches) in preparation for two elements in the Ranch/Trail section of the Challenge….

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