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Meet Miranda Frigon, CBC Heartland’s Janice Wayne

Miranda Frigon is known to Heartland fans as Janice Wayne – at one point in time, she was a love interest for Tim (Fleming). She was most recently on Supernatural, but has also been working on her own music album,…

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Meet Madison Cheeatow, CBC Heartland’s Jade Virani

Heartland fans first met Jade Virani, played by Madison Cheeatow, in season 7, episode 8, titled “Hotshot.”  Throughout the seasons, and the years, Jade lands herself into heaps of trouble, just like any young adult.  However, more recently Jade has…

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Talking with Graham Wardle, Ty Borden of Heartland

Earlier this year I had the chance to visit the set of CBC’s Heartland and chat with Graham Wardle, who has been playing Ty Borden for the past 10 years. Graham’s character has quickly grown to become one of the…

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Meet Michelle Morgan, CBC Heartland’s Lou Fleming

Heartland fans will instantly recognize Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming – Amy’s older sister, who is opinionated, but yet always has her heart in the right place. As a fan, it has been interesting watching Michelle play Lou, as the…

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Meet Cindy Busby, CBC Heartland’s Ashley Stanton

Cindy Busby may have been absent from the world of Heartland for a few years – her last episode was in Season 7 – but she definitely has not been forgotten. Her character, Ashley Stanton, was definitely one to remember….

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Meet Shaun Johnston, CBC Heartland’s Grandpa Jack

Shaun Johnston plays Grandpa Jack, one of the most iconic characters on CBC’s Heartland, now filming its 10th season. His gruff exterior, dry wit and warm heart make him a definite fan favourite. Don’t forget to catch the season premiere…

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Torrance Coombs is Chase Powers on CBC Heartland, and Sebastian Bash in Reign

For this installment of Star Crossed Horses, I was able to interview Torrance Coombs also known as Chase Powers in Heartland and Sebastian (Bash) in Reign. Reign returns from hiatus on April 25th, with a few more episodes before the…

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Meet Alisha Newton, CBC Heartland’s Georgie

Our first guest for Star Crossed Horses is Alisha Newton, who plays Georgie on CBC’s Heartland. Georgie has been on Heartland since season six, and has quickly become one of the most-loved characters on the show. Watching Georgie (and Alisha)…

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