I asked a few people that attended the fundraiser October 30th if they could think of new things for the boys to learn. One suggestion was “more with the Equine Orchestra, it’s a scream!” I had to agree. Now to find a second song.

Another person suggested “Knees up Mother Brown” would be good for the boys’ piaffe work. I’d never heard this tune and went to YouTube to be enlightened. That’s when I met Raffi, a wonderful entertainer. I found “Knees up…” and could easily picture the audience singing it and the boys having a great time marching to it.

In the YouTube sidebar there were many other Raffi songs. I enjoyed listening to one after another. Then I found, “Old MacDonald had a band”. I started to kick myself! Why didn’t I think of that!!!!! What a great song for the Equine Orchestra. We could feature each horse at his percussion instrument and the audience would sing along. Yippee!

Another song I enjoyed listening to was Raffi doing “Shake my sillies out”. I’m wondering if the horses can do appropriate actions with the words, or perhaps we need to change them a wee bit.

The Hokey-Pokey also caught my eye. We should be able to dream up a few verses that work with Zelador and Zeloso. And to THINK that Canada’s Got Talent did NOT give us a call back. What were they thinking!