Yesterday Zelador demonstrated (once again) that he understands a lot more than we think he does. He was on the rotating top pedestal with both front feet nicely balanced in the centre. Someone in the small audience (four people sitting on the stairs) mentioned it would probably be difficult to do the “salute” while standing on the pedestal. We’d considered doing it the day before with our even smaller audience of one, but came to the conclusion that with his feet so far forward on the circle the pedestal would most likely tip. So, Zelador had heard a similar discussion…and, in retrospect, obviously agreed with our decision.

Well, before we could agree that it was safe for Zelador to try to rebalance himself and create a salute AND before I could regroup and present the cue (I was beginning to think about asking for the salute) he very deftly raised one foreleg in a magnificent salute and HELD it for the admiring “crowd”…obviously very proud of himself.