Bill and I went for our horseback riding safari yesterday morning. It was really amazing. We got very close to families of Girrafes and even heards of water buffalo. Those buffalo are big grumpy looking guys that can be quite aggressive. But being on the horses, they all remained pretty calm. We rode for 4.5hrs through all kinds of terrain. I hope my ass recovers by the time we get back so I can ride Pax…haha!! This morning we went on a game drive to look for Rino’s. We came across 5 black Rino’s. A BIG bull, a female with a very young baby, another female and one other male that was a few years old. That was really something to see these guys and they are so comfortable with the safari truck that they came within just a few metres of us.
We went to see Victoria Falls as well. They are spectacular even though its currently the dry season and water level are low.
Tomorrow morning we leave Ursula Camp and head out to our next stop…Miombo.

Will send another update in the next day or so.