These photos were taken December 27th at a party.

These photos were taken December 27th at a party.

These photos were taken December 27th at a party that was fresh on the heels of three days with no electricity. We were all pretty pooped from being cold indoors and out, along with all the extra work that not having electricity causes. However, everyone rejoiced in the achievements of the horses and celebrated having ELECTRICITY!!!!!!

I wrote a poem for the party in the cold family room 24 hours into our three days. It was 8:00 at night. I was sitting beside the propane fireplace in the dark and finding reading my notes a wee bit challenging. Here’s the poem:

It was two nights after Christmas and as you can see,
The horses were gathering around their own tree.

The stockings were hung in the arena with care
However, sadly, inside them there was nothing but AIR.

Had St. Nick forgotten to come to this farm?
He’d never been this late, certainly there was cause for alarm!

Then out in the barn there arose such a clatter,
The horses looked up to see what was the matter.

And what with their wondering eyes did they see?
But Santa himself heading straight for their tree.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! I’m sorry I’m late, forgive me, please,
Usually I keep to my schedule with the greatest of ease.

“That freezing rain storm threw me way off course
And before I knew it I missed horse after horse.

“But I’m finally here and happy to be
The bearer of gifts for each of you three.

“I’ll now join the folks watching your show
Then see everyone in the barn before I must go.”

Hope your Christmas was uneventful, quiet and peaceful as opposed to fatiguing! And, Bill and I wish you a Wonderful New Year!

P.S. Here’s a lovely comment from Sue Fremlin which you can place in the blog. I’m pretty sure that Sue has been to every “show” here since the boys were three years old.

To all at Winsong Farm,

This was a Xmas to remember – after such duress Santa and his elves brought magic to a very lucky group of believers proving for certain that horses are magical beings loved by people who are spiritually enticed by them.

Every trick (3 horses sitting) and every detail (a rearing horse lighted Xmas tree) will be remembered with a big human smile! The lights, the music, the poem, the treats, and of course Santa, the fabulous horses and their dedicated people all rate a standing ovation. So much fun and very much appreciated!!

Best wishes to all for a spectacular 2014, the year of the horse.