Saturday we got organized to film the Spanish Walk. We have a new camera that is GREAT in dark conditions and our arena can be DARK.

Our plan was to film each horse doing the Spanish Walk in-hand, at liberty and under saddle. We started with me filming and Bill handling Zeloso.

Zeloso sort of cooperated in-hand, but when it came to liberty work he was having way too much fun. I asked Bill to film while I did liberty with the boy.

I got some good steps. Bill put the camera down and we saddled Zeloso. I picked up the camera and filmed.

That done we fetched Zelador. Bill filmed.

Pax was next on the list. He would be available in about thirty minutes, so we put the camera back in its bag and moved it to a warm place.

Since Pax is BLACK we decided to film him outdoors. I did this. Bill joined us and I turned the camera over to him.

As we were finishing with Pax Bill announced, “I don’t think we got any of that. Does the green light on the camera mean ‘go’ and the red light mean ‘stop’?”

Nope! It’s the other way around.

So, in review, here’s what we captured on film:

1. I got good footage of Bill with Zeloso

2. When Bill filmed me with Zeloso he turned the camera off

3. When Bill saddled up Zeloso he had the camera on creating ten lovely minutes of the arena ceiling

4. I picked up the camera to film the under saddle Spanish Walk. I thought the camera was “off” so I pushed the button. I filmed nothing.

5. Bill picked up the camera to film me with Zelador. Nothing.

6. For Pax, things improved. Since the camera had been totally turned off when I started filming I actually filmed!

7. When Bill arrived to help he turned off the camera and “filmed”. We got nothing!

8. However, when Bill worked on changing the exposure he accidentally touched something on the camera and we got some nice outdoor footage.

The editing session included over thirty minutes of arena floor, arena ceiling and no horses. We rescheduled for Sunday!