Roany is enjoying his new toy@

Ron Marino took these photos of Sally’s horse, Roany, and his farm-mate.

A few months ago I introduced Roany, age 18ish, to some of our games. He took to them instantly. This horse rolls out the carpet like a pro. He loves the game where I set out several objects and ask him to find each one. These include: the toy, your buddy (a stuffed child’s toy that might be a bunny, but it could be a teddy bear…thus explaining using “buddy” to describe it), the bells, the tambourines and the small orange cone. He also plays the toy piano AND has a tremendous BIG SMILE. Oh, I almost forgot!!! He pushes the BIG ball with gusto.

Sally says that Roany used to be pushy, but now he stands attentively, waiting to see what neat game the humans want to play with him. She insists, “He’s a changed horse.”

I’d love to have Roany come visit Winsong Farm. He could play on the pedestals and all the other toys in the arena. The next best thing: beg Ron and Bill to make a pedestal for Roany!!!! The men did. It was constructed and delivered Monday. You can see from the photos that Roany approves of this new addition to his farm.

Thursday will be my first session with him and the pedestal. I was telling Sally some of the games we can play with it:

-stand on the pedestal with only the front hooves on it
-stand with all four hooves
-place the front feet on it and move sideways (both directions)
-stand on it and learn how to hold an object
-stand on the pedestal and learn “body parts”

The list does go on and on once the horse figures out that the pedestal is his home base.

Can’t WAIT!!!