We’re hosting a fund-raiser for the Toronto Cat Rescue in October. Yesterday as I was turning out Brown Sugar I was discussing some of the proposed acts with Lindsey. Brown Sugar was quite interested in the conversation. We continued talking as he went into the gate and politely stood, waiting for me to unhook the lead line. Then he waited for me to close the gate. (He pays attention to these little details.) When that was done he did his joyful canter into the paddock. He travels about seventy-five metres up a slight hill and then drops his head to graze. Well, apparently our conversation was almost a top priority. He cantered on his left lead, then to my amazement did a canter-pirouette on his forehand. Yep, forehand! He turned his head to the right (so he could face us) and continued that left lead canter with his front legs cantering almost on the spot and his hind legs travelling in a small arc to the left.

Talk about talent, agility and curiosity!