Photos by Ann Clifford

Our Winsong Farm Spring Fundraiser is for the Youthdale Riding Program. We’ll have two shows, both on Sunday and both starting at 2:00. The first one is April 14, the second is April 21. The cost is $10 per person. We’re very busy practising!

Here, you’ll see photos with seven of the eight horses and riders. It was very interesting to bring the pony, Maria, into the square dance. Every horse had a very good look at her. Whenever she was nearby the horses focused on her. However, within half an hour Maria’s uniqueness was not interesting. Dominique was riding her and more often than not, Dominique was laughing. She explained later, “Every time we stopped to work on a movement Maria let out a HUGE sigh. I could hear her saying, “Please, please, PLEASE everyone…FOCUS! If you pay attention we only have to practice the dance once.”