CollageOct509.jpgBill and I practiced the liberty routine with Z and Z this morning. We started with the big balls. One of them is red and green, the other one is solid green. We discussed our pattern before we took the boys to the arena. I would work with the red and green ball with Zelador and Bill would work with the green ball and Zeloso. We envisioned a slow walk, pushing the balls along the arena wall (Bill on the north side, me on the south). We’d cross at the west end and meander back to the start. In looking back on the plan the only good news is: we had a plan.

The red and green ball is slowly losing air, thus explaining why Zelador was able to pick it up and carry it. This is not an activity we are practicing for the big balls.

He also showed us that he can leap, pounce, bounce, chase and herd the ball at great speed. Yet another thing we’re not practicing for the October 25th Get-Together.

Zeloso behaved relatively well. He watched his brother with total disbelief, stunned and stationary.

The next segment of the liberty routine is with me and Zelador, then adding Zeloso to the mix. The plan was for Zelador to walk, trot and canter around me, then do small circles, change direction and come in when called. Bill would lead Zeloso to me and there would be a lovely pas de deux at liberty. Sure, perhaps things wouldn’t go totally as planned, but we should be able to do most of it.

Zelador was good in the solo. Zeloso joined us and flew around the arena with Zelador happily falling in beside him. The boys were magnificent. They exuded power and beauty. However, it’s safe to say that the audience would have fled from the arena after a few seconds of their explosive display.

The third segment is their tricks with the bunny box, the pedestals, the pole on the ground and the bow. Zeloso was out of his mind. He cantered here; he cantered there. He was unable to focus. Obviously the liberty section has to come at the END of his program. I don’t think he can learn to “come back to me” between now and the 25th.

Zelador had no problem focusing, even after his incredible games with the big ball.

The good news about today’s practice is: the pumpkins were no longer the centre of their attention. The photos show Zelador realigning one pumpkin and the boys with the hula hoops. These were taken a mere twenty-four hours ago…when peace reigned.