I went shopping this morning after turning the horses out because I wanted something in my hot little hands when I worked with Zelador today. Well, wouldn’t you know…there was a foam-covered baseball bat with a badminton sized handle. I bought that. I also purchased the plastic bat. Both bats came with a ball. I found three other balls that I thought would bounce nicely off them.

I set up the baseball diamond in the arena. Zelador had no trouble holding each bat and stood still so I could toss a ball and, after throwing wide and low THREE times I actually hit the bat! I noticed that he noticed the different sound a ball makes on baseball bats. He’s used to the sound of small balls hitting rackets.

Zelador did want to carry the bat to first base and he was keen to pick up the ball, but he let me distract him from playing with the bat and the ball and he rounded the bases.

Ann Clifford came a bit later when I was riding Zelador. She had her camera with her so I removed his tack and we played baseball again. Those photos should be interesting!