Zelador was amazing today. I did the usual fetch routine on the north wall, then moved the jump to the south wall. I prepared to start from the beginning again, but he sailed over the jump and returned over the jump, ball in mouth. That’s when I decided to add a few steps to his routine. I had him stand on the platform while I walked to the wall and threw the ball. I called him and he did the fetch. As he was nearing me on the return I walked with him to the platform and ended the game. We did this three times and he’s getting the idea.

Zeloso was really entertaining. He was standing still. I was to his left, about four feet away from his barrel. I called him to me. I figured he’d turn his head, then his body and walk a step or two to me. Well, WRONG. He backed up until he was standing with his nose beside me. It was so interesting to see him deliberately step slowly backwards, maintaining a straight line (sort of like watching someone back a car into a parking place). I rewarded him and a few minutes later I found us in the same position and asked him to come. He backed up again. Same deliberate backing, perfectly straight, ending beside me. That horse has an fascinating mind.