Today when I walked into the upper barn, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER Hombre came to his door and greeted me. Usually he’s busy eating.

In the arena I started with walking around and whenever he came to me (without being called) click/treat. I popped up on each pedestal and gave him a treat. Yesterday was the first time I stepped up on the tall pedestal. He almost fainted! After three or more repeats of that leap onto the pedestal he was fine and the histrionics disappeared. I also walk along the teeter-totter and attempt to make as much noise as possible when it totters. Hombre is fine.

Hombre took three minutes to eat the first carrot off the carpet (brighter red, demon-carpet) and an additional two minutes to roll it out and consume all the other treats. World Record!!

He also pushed the big ball more than an inch. He pushed it at least twelve inches four or five times.

Bill came in when we were done. I put a few more pieces of carrot on the carpet (one piece required rolling the carpet) and Hombre snorted a few times and ate all the carrots. I presented the big ball and he pushed it twice (at least twelve inches each time). Bill commented, “Hombre is fascinated with the carpet.”