Today we went for a trail ride at Betsy and Torchy Millar’s Ghostwood Farm in Hockley Valley. Ron Marino rode Kye, Bill was on Zeloso and I was on Zelador. Bill was putting t-bars next to fence posts to support them and sledge-hammered his little finger. Five stitches put things back together. This happened Monday. Luckily Zeloso didn’t require any “pinkie” maneuvers to keep him in line. When I asked Bill if he’d like to ride Kye or Zeloso he instantly chose the five-year-old Lusitano. Apparently Kye has pulled more than one person around Ghostwood.

The temperature was 14 degrees. There was no wind. The sun shone. It was amazing weather for any time of the year and incredible weather for the middle of November.

For the first time ever we considered walking over the bridge at Ghostwood. I dismounted and led Zelador over and back. He was very proud and quite full of himself. Next time we go to Ghostwood we’re RIDING over that bridge!

Betsy told me that when she bought the 80 plus acres she and her friend, Lorna, made a list of riding challenges on the farm. The bridge was one of them. Another was the cross-country water complex. We mastered that obstacle a few years ago and traditionally end our ride going through it. Today Zelador suggested that since only HE crossed the bridge then only HE should be allowed to roll in the water. Somehow I prevented that from happening. Even on the most idyllic day, an air temperature of fourteen degrees coupled with the water’s temperature would have been a chilly end to an otherwise perfect ride!