Bill took our two vizslas, Check and Bobbe, outdoors for a short outing. Check is eleven-years-old and immediately laid down on the driveway in front of the house to soak up the warm sun. Bobbe went sniffing.

A few minutes later Bill brought Bobbe into the house. She headed to the kitchen to see her seven puppies. Bill went outside to fetch Check. The vizsla was gone. Hmmm…Bill figured the “boy” had travelled west to the lower barn to see if there were any carrots lying around. As Bill approached the barn he passed Zelador and Zeloso in their paddock. He asked, “Have either of you seen Check?” The boys raised their heads, looked at Bill, lowered their heads and continued eating. Obviously their answer was, “Nice day.”

Bill entered the lower barn and searched. No Check. He left the barn and turned to the round pen attached to the south side of the building. Twenty-two year old Kye was there. He was Bill’s first horse which Bill bought when Kye was seven and had the name “Fred”.

Bill said, “Kye, have you seen Check?” Kye raised his head from grazing and turned it to face the driveshed. He held it there for a significant amount of time. Bill said, “Thanks!” He went to the driveshed. AND, you guessed it, Check was there!

Good ole Kye! Dog ratted out by horse!