Regarding the American Horsewoman’s Challenge: we’re going to need a blooper’s section for our video application. Yesterday Zelador and I were working on quarter turns (on the haunches) in preparation for two elements in the Ranch/Trail section of the Challenge. My coach created a diamond shape in the arena by setting out some small orange cones for me to turn around. Zelador and I were improving cone by cone. Then I was asked to place Zelador in a slight shoulder-in and BOOM! Zelador offered a huge Spanish Walk. He continued this as we went around the diamond.

I called to my coach, “When Zelador first learned the Spanish Walk under saddle (he already knew it at liberty and in-hand) I rode him in a volte with a slight shoulder-in. This created some collection and made the Spanish Walk easier.” We both laughed. I continued the diamond and Zelador kept developing the Spanish Walk. Then, at one of the cones he brought his left front hoof directly onto the small six inch high cone. He flattened it! We both laughed! My coach picked up the cone and showed it to me. It looked like an orange accordion. We agreed, this was no accident. Zelador knew exactly where he was placing that hoof.

Add the earlier episode with Zelador delivering orange cones to Ron and we’ve got some entertaining footage to share.