Marie-Lynn Hammond

Marie-Lynn Hammond

Here’s a photo of Marie-Lynn Hammond, a young friend and the Canadian, Pax, taken during our fundraiser October 30th. Marie-Lynn just finished composing a song about Reckless, the little mare who was listed as one of the top 100 heroes from 1900 to 1999 by Life magazine. Reckless was a race horse in Korea and ended up a U.S. Marine. You’ll find her story on the internet. Talk about a real-life War Horse!

Yesterday was jam-packed. We started with the usual: horses, more horses and vizslas. Then we cleaned ourselves up and travelled to a Christmas Brunch at Eaton Hall (King City Campus, Seneca College). Bill and I have been going there since 1985. We invited Dr. Leo Rosenberg (our people/dog/horse chiropractor), Lauren Bode our Animal Communicator, and Ed and Phil who help with all the odd jobs and mowing on the farm. Ed and Phil lived on a property touching the northern boundary of Eaton Hall from 1951 to 1974ish. Sunday was the first time they were inside the building.

After brunch Lauren and Dr. Leo returned with us to the farm. Lauren talked with the horses (all eleven of them) and Dr. Leo took notes so he could address the health issues the horses told Lauren about. Dr. Leo has been helping us for at least five years. He checked through his pages of notes and pointed out again and again that Lauren was “right on!” His history of our horses matched her comments.

After Lauren was done Dr. Leo adjusted Zelador, Zeloso and Kye. Dr. Leo told us about a lecture he’d heard concerning the rehabilitation of hockey great, “Sid the Kid”. He showed us a simple massage movement to help Zelador’s spine learn new neuro passageways.

Sunday was also Bill’s birthday. Oh, I almost forgot, Zeloso told Lauren to tell Bill that we don’t need to get any more horses in our family. We all figured Zeloso is tired of sharing Bill with Kye. (Sorry, buddy, Kye came FIRST, then YOU!!!)