winnefunraiser.jpgHere’s a review of our fundraiser for Ann and Pete’s Foster Home and Rescue Dogs in Pottageville, Ontario. The reviewer is Alex who gave a presentation to his elementary school class during ‘show and tell’. His mother, Mari, emailed it to me.

Hi Winnie:

Alex is here with me and I will type what he tells me.

First I showed the class the flyer from the Spring Benefit and told them that horses are afraid of umbrellas because when they are open the look like a dragon’s mouth. People rode the horses and played with the umbrellas.

Then I showed them the booklet of the horses at Winsong Farm.

Socs played with bunny. He was very gentle with it. He was big but not as big as Pax.

Picasso played the drums and I got to pet him before the show. I liked the orchestra when all the horses played instruments.

Kye is my favourite, and he did the opening ceremony.  He unrolled the carpet and played ball.

Zeloso is Bill’s horse. He was cool. I got to pet him last time I was at the farm. I remembered when Bill practiced some of the tricks too. Bill rode him too.

Zelador is Winnie’s horse. They do liberty work. They got to run around with nothing on and do tricks. He opened the mail box and got a letter. Then he packed for a vacation. It was funny and made me laugh. Zelador likes to play with his stuffies.

Pax is a big black horse and at the end I got to ride Pax with no saddle. In the show the girl tried to stand up on Pax’s back when he was moving.

Blue did Dressage like how my mom wants to ride.

D’artagnan was cool he stood on his back two legs when he was asked. There is a picture of him in the booklet one day after he was born. It was funny when he tried to talk into the microphone. Everyone was laughing.

We gave money to watch the show and the money went to Pete and Ann’s rescue and foster home for dogs. They were very nice people.

The End…..Alex