Day 1, Leaving Urtuu 2 on Our Third Set of Horses

Once again Will and I were playing catch-up to those who left Urtuu 2 before we managed to get organized and on the trail. This was our third set of horses and they were good steady mounts. This time I had the slower horse, but not significantly slower than Will’s horse. We caught up to […]

Day 1, Horse 2, Leg 2

Will and I walked up and down the tether line looking for our next two racehorses. We wanted to get two horses that looked about the same and would hopefully go the same speed. Will picked out his horse and before letting the herders put the saddle on he swung up on his horse to […]

Day 1, Leg 1, Horse 1 of the 2016 Mongol Derby

We were randomly assigned our racehorses on Day 1, Leg 1 of the 2016 Mongol Derby. Well, some of us received racehorses and the rest of us received well behaved trail ponies. I knew the moment I boarded “Snowball” that he was a well behaved trail pony. There was no bucking, no pulling at the […]

From Chase to Lumby and Then to Tevis!

In preparation for riding (and surviving) the Mongol Derby, I have been trying to ride as many different horses as possible in as many different terrains and various saddles. This year a new ride was introduced in Chase, BC put on by Lori Bewza. At first I didn’t think I would be able to attend […]

Spruston Backcountry Endurance Ride

Jamison was bucking and running like a maniac through the thick brush. For some unknown reason he did not go running back to camp on the trail, but decided to run through the thick brush and jump over the copious amount of fallen trees. He was quickly out of sight and I could only follow […]

Bad Luck in Fort St John

Once again I was hopping on a plane in order to get to a ride site. However, this time I was heading up north to Fort St John, BC wherein I was advised that the forest fires had died down and were not infringing upon the riding trails. The reason the fires had died down […]

Antelope Island

The finish line was in sight and Doc knew it was time to overtake these two gentlemen and their horses, but we were still on a single track trail and passing was dangerous with the boulders lining the sides. They knew I was close as they kept looking back over their shoulders seeing how much […]

Am I Cursed?

All of a sudden Doc disappeared from beneath me and I felt myself falling forward over his neck. I only had enough time to close my eyes before my face hit the ground. I’ll back up to the beginning of the day. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 2nd to feed the […]

Having “Fun In The Sun”

Jill, from Connecticut, and I arrived at Orlando Airport in Florida at roughly the same time on the afternoon of Thursday, March 10th to begin our three-hour journey to the Fun In The Sun (“FITS”) Endurance Ride in Williston, Florida. We rented a little economy car for which both of our large luggage bags just […]

Vaccinations Anyone?

I called one of the travel clinics and told them about my plans to gallivant across Mongolia on semi-feral horses being chased by wild and rabid dogs. I was hoping to get the most up to date information about when to start my vaccination schedule. They advised me to start my vaccinations one month before […]