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During the day I am a reserved corporate lawyer, shuffling paperwork here and there, discussing risk management and basically advising everyone in my company to "play it safe." However, when I leave the office, I become unrecognizable, uncontrollable and risk becomes unmanageable.

My name is Heidi Telstad and I am an adventure junkie. Whether it is competing in a Redbull Mount 7 Psychosis mountain bike race, hitching a ride on an aerobatics stunt plane or snowboarding in the backcountry, many items on my bucket list have been checked off, but the list keeps growing! My next adventure will be the Mongol Derby in August 2016, and I will be documenting my training (or lack thereof) for your entertainment over the next year.

In honour of my nephew, Chase, who is only four years old and has lived with epilepsy since he was a baby, my chosen charity is BC Epilepsy Society, through Canada Helps. My 1,000km endurance ride in Mongolia is short compared to Chase's endurance fight.

Please note that the opinions and methods expressed on this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Horse Publications Group.

Just Follow The Rules

I’ve been following the news about the atrocities being committed in the UAE endurance racing community and the inability of the FEI to ensure the safety of its equine participants. It is definitely sickening to watch these races from afar….

Rangers for the Day

Our horses were already saddled and waiting for us when we arrived at the ranch around 10:00 a.m. We both noticed that they had the hard and unforgiving saddles on them. We made a mental note to pick up some…

Saddles For All!

There is a saddle specifically fitted to each and every horse at Cypress Trails. Yes, that means that Darolyn has 50+ saddles in her enormous tack room, each was tagged with the horse’s name. As Jill and I wandered around exploring…

Getting Started with Darolyn

At around 12:24 a.m. I heard a knock at my hotel room door. Normally, I wouldn’t be answering my door at that hour, but my roommate for the next two weeks, Jill Sivo, had just arrived from Connecticut, after a…

Racing to Keep Up

Packing for a trip to go endurance training in Humble, Texas as well as running (on my own two feet, which haven’t been running in four years) a 25km half marathon in Hitchcock requires more than my usual one piece…

Dressed to Ride

Compression shorts, waterproof socks, good buff and fisherman’s waistcoat are some of the new items that have woven their way into my gear list (yes, horse backriding gear list). The most recent advisory from the Mongol Derby Adventurists, in particular,…

Riding in the Rain

“Do you ride in the rain?” I asked one of my new friends from the Fraser Valley Endurance Riding Green Beans. “Of course,” he replied “we live on the West Coast.” With a sense of optimism I replied “Let’s go…

Speed Control

It wasn’t necessarily my best idea, but it seemed like a good training endeavour (for myself) to let my OTTB (OT) run as fast as he wanted through the single track trail at Golden Ears Park in Maple Ridge, B.C….

From Broken to Training to What?

On Friday, October 2, 2015, I received a recommendation from my physiotherapist to start training with Reformer Pilates. I was told that Pilates is much different from Yoga. In fact, Pilates is based upon a series of movements intended to…

The Phone Call

On September 9, 2015, I received a phone call from Katy Willings of The Adventurists asking if I had time for an interview and whether I was still interested in competing in the Mongol Derby 2016. After a moment silence…

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