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7 Tips to Develop Emotional Fitness

fieldFor years I have been paying close attention to my level of “emotional fitness” around horses.

The approach people take with their horses, is usually similar to how they deal with every other relationship as well. Emotions play an important …

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All Tied Up in Rope Halters

I bought my first rope halter 10 years ago, but my favourite one is purple; made for me by a student. I still have it to this day. Rope halters are incredibly durable, come in a range of fun colours, …

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The Duct Tape Twitch

There are a few viral videos being shared across the web between horse people that are making some laugh, while puzzling others. The “Duct Tape Twitch” has a little bit of irony to it, as the method of sticking tape …

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The Reins as a Line of Communication

There are many subtle nuances within a well developed horse and rider partnership.  I can recognize when time and patience has been of value when the reins maintain a soft, light connection  between horse and rider. Every rider takes responsibility …