Barn Safety Part 2: Tying

Standing tied is also an important aspect to barn safety. Many horses feel restricted due to their natural claustrophobia when they are tied.

Barn Safety Part 1

Professionals who visit such as your vet, farrier, chiropractor or etc., all appreciate a horse who can stand relaxed in the barn while they work.

Helping the Herd Bound Horse

The herd provides company and safety. Belonging to a herd assures each member that they will follow a matriarch to food and water.

I Have Joined a Special Kind of Mom Club

Horses are a passion of mine, a unique pulse that runs through my blood that I find difficult to explain. In June, I joined the Mom club, but not just any Mom club. This club is for the crazy women who manage to find the balance between their love of horses and this brand new, […]

Cheat Sheet to Better Horse Health

Many riders are aware of when their horse is feeling a little under the weather. The obvious signs can be easy to see, but I am going to outline a few simple, perhaps less obvious factors that I keep in mind when I assess a horse before deciding to train or ride each day. I […]

Watch and Learn from Your Trainer

Many riders who love their horses realize that they do not have enough time, enough knowledge or experience to help their horse develop to the level that the rider is seeking. Sometimes the best way to set both the horse and rider up for the most success is to hire a trainer to put some […]

Back Into Shape for Spring

Spring is around the corner. The frigid temperatures will be easing off, and the thought of riding without toes frozen to the stirrups is refreshing! Some of our horses have become couch potatoes through the winter. The last thing these horses are thinking about is taking us riding. Horses take time to get into shape, […]