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And Now a Word from My Sponsors…

As my training ramps up and I’m wearing through tights and boots and workout clothes, I thought it was apropos to thank my two amazing sponsors who are ensuring I’m outfitted in some great gear for the Derby. This isn’t shameless product promotion, as I only approached companies I was already loyal to and believed […]
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Gone for a GoPro Gallop

As part of my Mongol Derby training, I’ve been forcing myself to ride in situations that make me scared. My theory is that if I do this enough, I’ll develop the mental fortitude necessary to deal with the inevitable moment one of my Mongol mounts goes apeshit over a loose saddle bag or decides to […]
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Moab Through the Ears of Four Horses

The plane bucked and twisted as I clutched the arm rests, refusing to look out the window at the canyons below. My skin was pale and sticky as I tried my best not to hurl up the Mexican fiesta I’d downed at the Salt Lake City airport. I was on a 20-seater plane headed to […]
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The Hay-Burner Express is Headed to Mongolia

In the last few weeks I’ve received a financial windfall that’s lifted a heavy weight of stress off my shoulders and re-energized my pursuit of this crazy race. As you know, the Mongol Derby is an expensive endeavour for the regular person, with a price tag of over 20 grand when you factor in the […]
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In Search of the Ultimate Sleeping Bag

The Mongolians have a word – zud – that describes winters where temperatures plummet to 50 degrees below zero and their livestock freeze to death. I’ve been thinking about zuds as I trek to work swathed in my parka and sorrels this last week. And when I start to bitch about my Starbucks falling instantly […]
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Show Me The Money

I’m nosey when it comes to money. I’m always wondering about other people’s salaries and how they’re affording all the crap they’re buying. I don’t think I’m alone in this, although I’m probably one of the few who will admit that I’m actively trying to calculate how much my friends make based on the cars […]

You’re doing what?!?

You’re doing what?!? People give you the side eye when you tell them you can’t participate in dinners out/girls’ trips/any other ‘normal’ social engagement because you are busy training to ride semi-feral horses across Mongolia. Since being accepted to ride in the Mongol Derby in September, I’ve gotten my tale of why I’m doing this […]