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FEI TV This Weekend

FEI TV, the official FEI video platform, will be LIVE on Sunday, February 19th, from the eighth leg of the Reem Acra FEI World Cup™ Dressage in Neumünster (GER).

The Grand Prix Freestyle-to-Music will be LIVE at 09.50 CET. …

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Finance Minister Proposes End of Slot at Racetracks

The Ontario government has received a report from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) that proposes modernization of the system, an increase in its revenues by more than $1 billion a year, and the creation of 2,300 net new …

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Over My Dead Body: Wills and Horses

Wills and Horses
by Catherine Willson and Bhavin Bilimoria


A will is a document prepared during your lifetime that directs the distribution of your assets and possessions on your death. It enables you to divide …

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Spruce Meadows Horses Jump to China

(SPRUCE MEADOWS, Calgary, AB): History was made today when six Spruce Meadows horses became the first ever Canadian horses to be sold and exported to China. The six Spruce Meadows bred Hannoverian horses were chosen by a delegation of Chinese …

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2013 Canadian National Eventing Team

Canadian Eventing Committee is pleased to announce the 2013 Canadian National Eventing Team.

The 2013 Short List is comprised of horse/rider combinations which, have proven through their results at CCI/CCIO/CH 3 star and 4 star competitions within the …

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Dress Rehearsal

We had our dress rehearsal for the April 14 and 21 Fundraiser for Youthdale Riding Program on the weekend. The weather forecast was sunny and plus five. Guess that Toronto forecast didn’t extend to King Township! We did see the …

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Hudak Releases Rural Onatrio White Paper

MPP Tim Hudak has released a report, titled “Paths to Prosperity: Respect for Rural Ontario”, that outlines the PC party’s suggestions for supporting rural Ontario. After a year-long consultation with farmers, agribusiness, OHRIA and others, the paper offers 15 suggestions …

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Zelador Does the Piaffe Under Saddle

Here’s Christi on Zelador. She doesn’t weigh very much…and I figured Zelador would appreciate my attempt to make his transition from learning the piaffe at liberty to under saddle a bit easier.

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The Truth Behind the Cowboy Legends

If a tall sexy Clint Eastwood, or a swaggering John Wayne comes to mind when you think of a cowboy, in truth they were the Hollywood made versions.
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Discovering Temple Grandin

Just saw a DVD of the film “Temple Grandin”. It was amazing. In the Bonus Features she, the screenplay writer and the director comment on each scene as it’s played. Because of Temple I went to the Nobleton library. She’s …

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Q&A – Health – How do I ìwinterizeî my horse?

Body Condition: Your horse should be in good flesh going into the winter (at lease 5 or 6 on the Henneke Body Condition chart ñ see ìHealth Q&Aî in the Nov. 2012 issue). Increase forage (not concentrates) as necessary over …

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Good to Go

Travel is very stressful on horses, especially long-haul ground trips or flights. There is ample evidence to suggest that cortisol (the stress hormone) levels increase with such travel. While there is very little research that has been conducted on the …

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Ask the Judge

In a hunter course, there are some shorter options to the jumps. Should I take them? No. Make use of the whole ring, as it is not a handy class so Iím not looking for efficient turns. I want to …

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On Cultivating Greatness – Clayton Fredericks

Australian Olympian Clayton Fredericks took up the role as technical advisor for Canadaís Eventing High Performance Program nearly a year ago. In this exclusive interview with Horse Sport, Fredericks shares his first impressions of Canadaís top eventing athletes and discusses …