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Saddle Fitting with our Newest Team Member

Sarah-Ellis---Bio-PhotoI was going to write this week in response to a Q&A I read in a magazine recently “Can a Wide Backed Horse Hurt my Hips?” but I will leave that topic for a future blog, since I had to …

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Yoga at 95

Here’s Val Willis illustrating yoga on horseback for her 95th birthday.


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Kimberly Garvis Working Equitation Clinic

Since 2009 Kimberly Garvis has come to Winsong Farm to present Working Equitation Clinics. We now have a permanent outdoor obstacle course. We also have matching obstacles that we can set up in the indoor arena.

Working Equitation attracted me …

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Saddle Fit and Saving Money

Piggy-Bank-with-coinsI cannot believe how quickly the summer is passing us by. It seems the older I get, the faster time goes. Does anyone else notice this?

It’s almost time for back to school and if you are parents like me, …

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‘A’nother Day of the Challenge

I’m using the ‘A’ on the wall made out of chalk and the ‘A’ I printed in Magic Marker on the light green box. Every horse went to the box or the wall when asked. I’m still positioning myself relatively …

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Zeloso’s Rear

. When I look at that left hind hoof with perhaps a smidgeon of the toe on the ground…most of Zeloso’s weight is being carried by the RIGHT hind. Or, perhaps, his weight (like his body) is lifting upwards and …

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Morning Snooze

Here is a lovely shot Dominique took of the boys snoozing.


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The Early Bird Gets the Worm

They say the early bird gets the worm – or in my case, the entire arena to myself. This week I was at the barn bright and early for my ride (sorry barn owners!). The sun was just stating to …

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The Reins as a Line of Communication

There are many subtle nuances within a well developed horse and rider partnership.  I can recognize when time and patience has been of value when the reins maintain a soft, light connection  between horse and rider. Every rider takes responsibility …

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Divergent Theories on Saddle Fitting

There are many opinions and theories on saddle fitting. Occasionally, we have even heard riders say “I have been using my saddle for x number of years. It fits me perfectly and fits every horse I use.” I have to …