Sam at camp at the Mt. Joy ride.

Sam at the Mt. Joy ride camp.

Wow, where has the time gone? It feels like a distant memory already, our time in France.

After we returned, and Sam had some rest, I took him a few hours down South and did a competitive trail ride at one of Sam’s favourite rides in Writing on Stone National Park. It was just a 25-mile ride, as he was still putting weight on, but I wanted to see what his mental state was after our huge trip. He did very well and finished first in his division.

Several weeks later we went and did a slow 50-mile endurance ride up North at the last ride of the season. He wasn’t quite a 100% yet, but finished well and we ended the year on a good note.

He has since been resting in his paddock and is currently fat and furry. I have had absolutely no time to ride him or work on his half brother Robians Morning Fire, as I have been working seven days a week – trying to make back the money spent going to France and prepare for next year.

The weather has been fantastic to be outside with only a couple of cold weeks with a lot of snow. The advantage of living in Calgary is we get the warm Chinook winds, which melt the snow if the temperature is warm enough. It has been hard to be working when riding is possible!

Not sure what my plans are for next year yet for competition season. The Pan Ams are on in Ontario and I will be training Robe with the goal of competing him in WEG 2018 in Quebec. That will be another journey! I will try to get some riding in even though my horses normally have winter off. How could I not when the weather is perfect?

Please let me know if you have questions about endurance and how to start competing and I will cover it in a blog. Now is the perfect time to prepare.