AND The Season Starts!

It is here! Ride season has started for us Northerners. While we may not yet have rides in Alberta, there are some rides in the USA which are close enough for us to get to. After a fairly reasonable winter, I have still struggled to find time to ride and condition with work taking a […]

The Trailer Dilemma

They say that endurance and competitive trail riding are cost effective sports to do with a horse! This is true until you start these addictions and want more. You can start either of the sports with any breed of horse and the current tack you have. As both sports normally are a weekend away for […]

The Winter Slow Down

Wow, where has the time gone? It feels like a distant memory already, our time in France. After we returned, and Sam had some rest, I took him a few hours down South and did a competitive trail ride at one of Sam’s favourite rides in Writing on Stone National Park. It was just a […]

The Trip Home

As you have likely heard, all of the Canadians were pulled from the Endurance race at WEG. Disappointing, but understandable in the very tough conditions where only 35 riders completed out of 161 entries. I believe the time cut offs and trail conditions were instrumental in this. We packed up all of the gear and […]

Race Day

Our horse transport arrived right on time to pick us up to take us to Sartilly ride camp. A short two-hour drive and we arrived…into the mud. The rain over the last week had resulted in our car park being closed and needless to say, with all of the vehicles coming in, the ones that […]

WEG Opening Ceremonies

My crew is here! Crystal came in first even though her train was two hours late from Paris. Then my sister, Delcene, niece Melissa. Julie and Tina arrived together at 11:00 p.m. Julie did take a side trip on the way after falling asleep on the train but re-united with the rest in Paris. Jean-Pierre […]

The Worries and Wonders of International Travel

It seems so surreal to be here. My little paddock pony and myself, in France, preparing to compete for Canada. I thought we had come fully prepared with everything we would need leading up to and including race day, only to find, that the beet pulp here is different and Sam doesn’t like it. He […]


So, we did end up going for our first ride. Jean-Pierre took me to his son’s place, who marked trails on a map for me. I am not allowed to ride on the 20km long beach near Arromanches until after 7:00 p.m. because of the tourists. Don’t they know I would go around them? 🙂 […]


We have arrived! If you have never tried to load everything for your horse from your horse trailer into two containers…I suggest you try it! Friday was a crazy, hectic day as I tried to do this impossible task. What to take with me, what would I need? Some things were being sponsored, but I […]

We Are Going WEG!

It has been awhile between posts but I have been hectically busy. Sam and I were selected to represent Canada at the World Equestrian Games on August 28th in Normandy, France in Endurance. This has meant that the multitude of things to do have been crazy. Organizing uniforms, horse transport, accommodation, flights around your horse, […]