Discipline: Dressage
Date of birth: July 15, 1965
Place of birth: Braunschwieg, Germany
Home: Hillsburgh, Ontario
Marital status: married, Ellen

What, other than riding do you do to keep fit?
"Riding is all that I do – riding 10 horses a days keeps me fit."

Do you watch a lot of television? Do you have any shows that you can’t go without?
"I do watch TV in the little time I have." Tom particularly likes the Drew Carey show.

What mentors do you have, in and outside of the equestrian world?
"I respect anyone that goes down the center line and presents themselves in front of a judge."

What kind of car do you drive?
Tom has a white Ford F350 heavy-duty pickup truck. The truck is a 4-door, 4X4 dually. Tom has a soupped-up stereo boom box with amplifier. "…and I love my truck!" If Tom had a car, he would want a BMW 328.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Why?
He decided he would be a lion because he is a Leo and they are blonde like he is!!

What was the most memorable/important horse show moment to you? Why?
Tom said, " All moments when representing the team are special." He feels it is a real honor to represent the country.

What is your all time favorite movie?
Whenever Tom watches Home Alone 1 or 2 he laughs. He just finds them "so funny."

In your opinion, what is Canada lacking to make itself at the top of the international rankings?
Tom feels that we are lacking financial assistance for the riders to be able to buy good quality horses and afford good quality training. "I do believe we have a lot of talented riders, they just need the right horse."

Growing up, did you want to be a professional equestrian or was there another career you were aiming towards?
Tom went to agricultural college in Germany and was thinking of a career in the agricultural field. After his Young Riders years, "the riding just happened."

What are some words of advice for our readers of our magazine that you’d like them to remember you for?
"If you’re really serious – find yourself a coach you can look up to, and go to on a consistent basis. Find a suitable horse and with enough support from parents/coach, etc. you can make it."

What is one of your worst habits?
"I work too hard; not enough time for myself and my family."

What has been the scariest experience in your life so far?
Ellen, Tom’s wife, got kicked in the head by a horse in Washington at a horse show in 1997. She is fine now.

Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions that you live by?
None – "I am a lot of things, but not superstitious."

Of all of your past horses, which one did you enjoy the most?
World Cup. World Cup was on the Olympic team that competed at the Atlanta Games in 1996. "He had a big heart", which is something that made him so wonderful for Tom to work with.

What is your new up and coming horse?
Tom didn’t want to leave anyone out so here goes:
Kadans – 16.3 hh 8 year-old Dutch stallion currently showing Prix St. Georges/Intermediat
Mistral – 16.2 hh 10 year-old Belgian WB gelding currently showing PSG/I1
Beaumarches – 17 hh 6 year-old Hanoverian gelding currently showing Medium 1&2
Ricochet – 17.3 hh 6 year-old Rhinelander gelding currently showing Medium 1& 2
Westside Lady – 17hh 5 year-old mare currently showing basic 4.

Is there one song that describes you and your way of life?
Margarittaville – "because we sat down and relaxed to it in Florida during the winter – makes you think of good times."

When did you start riding and how?
Tom began riding when still living in Germany at the age of 12. His Gramma bought him a pony and a whole riding package that included all the tack and the grooming kit. There was also "Corak", a 12.2hh Halflinger that Tom rode in a local riding club.

If you couldn’t ride anymore, what would you do with your life, besides coaching?
Tom would play a lot of golf, spend more time with his family and travel to Australia.

If you could be granted one wish what would it be that you would wish for?
A fancy Grand Prix horse!!!!