Name: Tina Irwin
Date of Birth: 01/29/81
Place of Birth: Hagen Germany
Height: 5’6
What type of books do you like reading? What are you currently reading?
Murder Mystery. However I am currently reading, what to expect when you are expecting!
Are there any TV shows you can’t miss?
Greys anatomy

What’s on your iPod?
Lady Gaga and Enrique Englaseis
Who’s #1 on your speed-dial?
My husband, Jaimey!
What’s your favourite meal?
Anything Mexican
If you won $50 million in a lottery, what would you do with the money?
I would buy a private jet and make sure my family had a comfortable lifestyle.

What’s your on-line addiction? (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

What is the coolest place you have ever visited?
I love Switzerland!

Where do you want to see yourself in five years, not only in regard to horses?
I see myself on the Canadian Team, at the Olympics, and having a small family.

Tell us about your first horse or pony.
My first pony was an 11 Hh chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, named Copper. He was a badly behaved pony and my Mom ended up giving him away.
What is your favourite show venue, and why?
I love Blainville because they have a fantastic venue and atmosphere. I also really enjoy Dressage at Devon – because of the evening performances with a great audience. The main stadium in Wellington, Fl (WEF) is also world class with amazing footing.

If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?
I would wish for my family and horses/animals to be healthy.

What is one of your worst habits/faults?
I wish that I had more patience with myself, and I am very picky.

Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions that you live by?
If I have a good ride the day before I try to repeat the same routine the next day! I always like to put my horses bridle on myself.

Do you have a cat or dog? Does it go to shows with you?
We have a German Shepard cross named Tula. She is the best dog and will come to a lot of the shows with us.

What are your biggest pet peeves?
I hate when people are late or not upfront and honest.

If you couldn’t ride anymore, what would you do with your life, besides coaching?
I have always wanted to do something in journalism or television.
Who is your favorite non-equestrian celebrity?
I really like Johnny Depp.

What was the scariest experience of your life?
When I had a car accident about 6 years ago and totaled our car. I was very lucky and walked away with only scratches and bruises.