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Living the Dream

Horse Canada asks horseman Steve Rother about family, horses and business.


Equine Gastric and Colonic Ulcers

Get the most up to date information on recognizing and treating equine gastric and colonic ulcers, which are more common than you might think.


30 Point Trailer Safety Check

Follow this essential checklist for horse, vehicle and trailer to ensure you and your horse arrive safe and sound every time you travel.


Breeder Awards Case Study: Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania breeding industry was declining rapidly without a long-term agreement, but recent changes have the state on the verge of a second wind.


Preventing Snowballs

Compacted snowballs and ice in horses’ hooves can result in bruised soles and abscesses, and they also make horses dangerously prone to slipping.


Give Your Horse a Turning Tune-Up

Try Anne Gage's six steps to smoother corners.


Desensitizing Methods 101

Here are a number of techniques – some of which are effective, and some which need to be shelved permanently in the name of “desensitizing” horses.


Pain and Gain: AQHA Welfare Concerns

A lawsuit against the American Quarter Horse Association has sparked debate over training methods and judging decisions in the western pleasure arena.


Does “RICE” Therapy Work on Horses?

Learn about the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) protocol used in human therapy, and find out if is applicable for hoses.

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Building the Pan Am Field of Cross Country Dreams: Dylan Barry

Horse Sport spoke with cross-country course builder Dylan Barry about the unique cross-country fences at the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru.